My name is 林菁 (Jing Lin). I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Political Science Department of Syracuse University, with double majors in Comparative Politics, and Public Policy and Administration. I am currently also a visiting scholar in the Political Science Department of Purdue University.

My research interests lie in political economy in authoritarian contexts. My primary areas of study are Chinese politics, political economy of development, public policy, and welfare politics. My dissertation examines the fiscal structure of the Chinese urban pension program at the provincial level, and the interplay between the Chinese central government and its provincial governments on funding the pension program. By combining rich qualitative interview data with an original data set, my dissertation uncovers four types of fiscal structures in China. For more information on my dissertation research, please click the “dissertation” tab above. 

In addition to my dissertation, my dissertation field research has resulted in two peer-reviewed research articles. One of which investigates local governments’ incentives on an inter-regional competition on raising retirees’ pension benefits in China, and this article is forthcoming in The Journal of Contemporary China. The other was published in Asian Social Work and Policy Review, discussing limited pension portability problem and migrant workers’ pension entitlement. To learn more about my recent research, please go to “select publications”.

I obtained my B.A. in International Political Economy from Renmin University of China in 2009. After the completion of my bachelor’s degree, I came to Syracuse University to pursue a Ph.D..

You can reach me at jlin19@syr.edu.

My current CV is available HERE